Welcome! We’re so honored and excited to be a part of your floral journey! Our courses will give you the foundation you need to grow as a floral designer by teaching you the fundamentals of floral arranging. We’ll cover everything from color blending, to processing stems, to small and large scale mechanics, and even pricing so you can take your love for blooms to the next level.

Floral Recipes

The Complete Collection

Get complete access to my favorite bouquet, arrangement and large scale installation recipes.

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 Floral Recipes Bouquet Recipes

Get complete access to my favorite premium bouncy bouquet recipes.

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 Floral Recipes 

Arrangement and Installation Recipes

Get my favorite whimsical arrangements and large scale installation recipes!

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 Business & Blooms Coaching Call

Schedule a video chat where we can privately talk about all things business and flowers! 

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 Private Mentorship Session

Schedule a private mentorship session and take your love for flowers to the next level!

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Garden Bouquet

Learn my technique, tips and tricks for creating a loose, whimsical and lush garden bouquet! 

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Bouncy - Bloom Focused Bouquet

Acquire my techniques for creating a bloomy-minimal greens bouncy and airy bouquet! 

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Large Compote Arrangement

Gather all the purposeful steps needed to design a bouncy, large, foam-free compote arrangement. 

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Bloom Focused Arch 

Learn the skills you will need to master a bloom heavy- minimal greens foam free large scale installation. 

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Classic Bouquet

Aquire the skills and confidence needed to make a classic bouquet with a fun twist! 

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Bouquet Mechanics 101

Learn TWO practical ways to create intentional, movement filled and sturdy bouquets! 

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Learn my step by step guide for creating a bloomy foam free centerpiece with a lot of movement and texture.  

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Floral Runner

Learn to make a lush, dynamic and textural foam free floral runner!

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Arch and Meadow

Get my step by step guide for creating a foam free lush illusion arch and indoor garden meadow!

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Bouquet Bundle

Dive into this two course bundle and learn my step by step guide for creating a garden style and classic bouquet!

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Bouquet and Centerpiece Bundle

Learn to make an organic garden bouquet and airy centerpiece arrangement with this two course bundle. 

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Bouquet and Arch Bundle

Get my tips and tricks for creating a lush garden bouquet and learn to make a foam free arch and indoor meadow with this two course bundle! 

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Runner and Arch Bundle

Learn to make a lush floral runner and an indoor meadow and illusion arch with this two course foam free bundle. 

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Centerpiece and Arch Bundle

Get my tips and tricks for creating an airy centerpiece and learn to make an arch and indoor meadow with this two course foam free bundle! 

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Bouquet and Runner Bundle

Dive into this two course bundle and learn to make a garden bouquet and foam free lush floral runner!

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Meet Lily...

Latina, proud immigrant, owner/lead floral designer and educator. Giving florals a lasting impact has been important to Lily since day one, so naturally her passion for purposeful blooms led her to teaching others. She loves sharing her wealth of knowledge through her online courses and mentoring sessions in her home studio.


"All I can say is wow!" 

"I’ve needed you in my life!! I am enjoying your videos and your lessons so much! and it is exactly what I needed, like a missing link to my bouquets. Thank you so much for sharing your most intimate moments in the making of a bouquet, I loved everything you said and I can totally relate to the stress that goes into them and the hours it takes to make everything perfect. I have so much more confidence now going forward this summer with my upcoming weddings. THANK YOU 💗"

Laura Hancock

 "This short course is amazing. Thank you Lily! Most courses i have watched are no where near as informative and always seem to hold back on extra useful info, which makes yours so unique and helpful. I was worried that some of your flowers or techniques wouldn't be applicable to me in the UK but everything makes total sense and i can't wait to give this a go. Thank you Lily"

Gabrielle Mendez

"As someone who works in the events and wedding industry, I love to soak up knowledge in every area that I can!
Thanks to your garden bouquet course, I feel confident to not only create a beautiful bouquet, but also confident knowing which flower recipes to use, and what prices to base my quotes off of!  This course was informative, easy to follow along, and extremely inspiring!
I plan on taking every course that you release because I've learned so much from you in just the first one!
Thank YOU, thank you, thank you!"